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Meet our dedicated team of teachers and staff members.

Brian Hanlon

Manager & ARCS Coordinator

I have a passion for helping and guiding people and this role allows me to do that…

Robyn Szechtman

VOSS Coordinator

Robyn has over 30 years experience working in the health, community, and justice sectors. She has experience as a trainer/facilitator with backgrounds in education and psychology.

Myf Powell

Performance & Song

Myf has taught both secondary and tertiary drama and theatre studies in Melbourne and the UK. She has written, performed…

Amanda Neville

Art Connect Facilitator

Amanda Neville is a tertiary qualified artist/graphic designer with over 30 years experience in the arts industry…


I enjoyed my time at PMNC (now SPCC) completing the ARCS Applied Reception Customer Service course, learning skills to become a receptionist. It greatly suited me when I was looking for a job and to change into a new customer service industry. I managed to succeed in my search for a job in a call centre. I am happy to have found a workplace that supports my needs and allows me to put into practice what I learned at PMNC. I highly recommend anyone who wants positive change in their lives to enrol at PMNC. You’ll be glad you did!