Port Phillip Welcomers

Port Phillip Welcomers


Who is the program for?

Older residents or residents with health issues who are isolated due to COVID19 and who don’t already have community, family or welfare support.

Why are we providing this program?

  • We are aware that there are a number of crisis and mainstream welfare providers in Port Phillip who are very competant and experienced in managing more complex welfare provision and emergency relief logistics. These services often work at full capacity and so Port Philip Welcomers will help to bridge a gap, meeting the demand of isolated residents who need general social support and connection during COVID19.
  • Port Phillip has some of the highest proportions of older people living alone in Victoria and many of these residents who are self-isolating due to pre-existing health issues are facing significant challenges.


What is the process?

  • You can call 9645 1476 or email admin@southportcc.org.au and simply leave your contact details (or the referral details of your client).
  • Our coordinator will first call you (or your client) to find out what you/your clients needs are, and then match you/them with a volunteer who will provide a supportive weekly or as needed phone/video catch up.

What support can we provide?

  • Providing regular social support and connections via phone/video conferencing to isolated residents stay connected during COVID19 isolation.
  • Help residents get online and connected with their community and other supports.
  • Provide general phone advice and support around how to manage daily life in isolation.
  • Give residents advice and help to set up grocery deliveries (Coles & Woolworths), pharmacy deliveries and and advice on how to manage online bill payments, etc.
  • Touch base and help residents problem solve other isolation issues.
  • Provide info and referrals to welfare providers and connect to other regular social activities and programs.

What can’t we provide?

  • This is a general social support program, we are volunteers but not trained case managers, social workers or counsellors, however we are happy to refer you to other services if that is what you need.
  • Due to COVID19 restrictions we cannot visit you face to face, but will stay in contact over the phone/video chat.
  • If you need welfare support and emergency relief, we will also refer you to local organisations who provide that.
  • If you have a complex question or issue we can consult with our coordinators and get back to you with information and answers.

Who are the volunteers? Are they trained?

  • All Port Philip Welcomers have been trained as volunteers, security screened, have had OHS training, and are trained in community engagement and how to provide general community information.
  • SPCC has a management team with experience in welfare provision and crisis response to ensure we are operating this program in a way that is safe to volunteers and the wider community.
  • SPCC has comprehensive volunteer and Public Liability insurance, OHS systems and a strong administrative base to support this program. Many similar programs are being rolled out by Neighbourhood houses across Victoria.
  • The Port Phillip Welcomers would sit alongside mainstream welfare providers, and complement their provision, not replace it, and would have the capacity to refer residents to welfare programs as appropriate. Welfare providers also would be very welcome to refer residents who are merely in need of social connection to our service.

Next steps/Contact us

We are confident that the Port Phillip Welcomers program will provide considerable community benefit to isolated residents during the COVID19 pandemic. If you would like contact us or refer a client please contact the Main SPCC reception on 96451476 or email admin@southportcc.org.au or call the Port Phillip Welcomer Coordinator Brian directly on 0400 642 667