Linda Neill

Linda Neill


English as a Second Language / Literacy & Numeracy

Language has always been a passion on mine. Raised within a non-English speaking family in Australia, it was necessary to communicate between cultures. I was able to advance my education in a world where, for many women, this opportunity was not possible. My ESL class at SPCC, hopefully allows, through language learning and use, to give women in particular a window of opportunity.
Since graduating from Macquarie University my teaching career has taken me on many different journeys leading to being the ESL Teacher at SPCC. I have had the opportunity to work in mainstream education as a teacher/librarian to remote area teaching in Central Queensland. Whilst living in Indonesia I home schooled my two children. This broad breadth of experience and knowledge is now reflected on what I bring to the classroom at SPCC. It is a joy to work within the environment of the SPCC.