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I enjoyed my time at PMNC learning skills to become a receptionist. It greatly suited me when I was looking for a job and to change into a new customer service industry. When you have no workplace experience, this is the course to do to start with weekly onsite training and short class time. It’s great that students could choose which time and day that was suitable to train at reception.

During the course, I picked up valuable advice in the course and was fortunate to be surrounded by helpful trainers, Renee, Carla, Bill and Deb who supported me throughout my journey to gaining employment. The most valuable thing I took away was learning about active listening, which I hadn’t come across until I did the course. I understood that it’s vital to becoming exceptional in customer service roles. I managed to succeed in my search for a job in a call centre. I am happy to have found a workplace that supports my needs and allows me to put into practice what I learned at PMNC. I highly recommend anyone who wants positive change in their lives to enrol at PMNC. You’ll be glad you did!

Nikola (ARCS Port Melbourne 2017)

I got to know about the Australian working culture from on job training section provided by ARCS Course. The teaching were really helpful, it’s also a place to socialise, share your thoughts and learn many things which became useful for me in my current job. My ARCS experience also improved my self confidence while facing job interviews and I highly recommend this course to those who are looking for a new start in Australia. Jacob (ARCS Elwood 2017)

Since I’ve been coming to PMNC for a period of about 3yrs doing the Reading & Writing course I’ve been learning the basic aspects of writing. I can’t really remember learning in the public school system in my regional city in county Victoria in the 1970’s. The Reading & Writing course is run by our current teacher Sandra. The aim of the program is to evaluate what you still remember about the English language, and bring you up to pace. We get a lot of attention in this small supportive class, and the teacher can help building on our individual learning needs. Now when I`m reading, writing & listening I pay more attention & focus better on the tasks required. As a result, I’ve a greater understanding of the numerous laws & exceptions to the rules, inherent in the English language. Rochelle (Reading and Writing)



Learn Local Outstanding Pathways Award, Speaking Out (Voices of the South Side)


Learn Local Legend Award