SPCC Coronavirus Update

Dear all,

we wanted to thank you all for your continuous of SPCC in this unprecedented time. We hope that you have had an enjoyable Christmas and that you are looking forward to 2021.

Now as the COVID risk is reduced,  we are able to start planning for this year’s face to face programs.

This will bring about new COVID-safe rules and procedures to keep SPCC staff, volunteers, participants and the community safe.

These are the guidelines and procedures based on current DHHS requirements and may change in the future.


Click own the links below to access relevant documents:

1.       SPCC COVID SAFE PLAN (Generic groups)

2.      SPCC COVID-Safe participant guidelines (to be completed with all enrolments)

3.      SPCC COVID-safe cleaning program

4.      SPCC contact tracing plan

5.      SPCC Outbreak Management plan


For more information please contact Brian Hanlon at waterfrontwelcomers@southportcc.org.au