Kate Kelly

Kate Kelly


I have been the Manager of  SouthPort Community Centre (formerly Port Melbourne Neighbourhood Centre)  since 2005 and I am very proud of the work we have done to help build community over the past decade. I have worked in a variety of areas over the past 30 years but have always had a passion for social justice, education and community development. I have degrees in Fine Arts, Social Work and a Diploma in Business Management. I started out working in community arts in the 1980s and moved towards social justice, social work and community education and community development projects in the 1990s-early 2000s. During that time I worked for a number of organisations including Greenpeace, Salvation Army and a number of community development organisations in Australia and overseas.
I am a Port Phillip resident and have also served on the Neighbourhood Houses (Peak) Victoria Board for 6 years and Community House Network Southern Region Committee Chair for 2 years until 2016.


  • Bachelor Social Work (honors)
  • Bachelor Fine Arts
  • Diploma Business Management
  • 30 years experience across social work, community work and education fields



Email: connect@pmnc.org.au